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by:Dennis Fast

112 pg: A photographic journal a story of a key species in crisis $29.95 US

by: Wayne Lynch

Wayne lynch dedicated a

decade of his life in understanding polar bears 63:pg $9.95 US

by:Remy Marion

62 pg. Remy Marion

presents his best photos of polar bears in the denning area  $22.99 US

by:Robert R Taylor

110 pg. polar bears,history landscapes and the facts that  

shaped the land  $35.00 US

by: Thorsen Milse    175 pg. $45.00 US

photographer Thorsen

Milse captures  baby polar bears first steps in the denning area

by:Kelsey Eliasson 61 pg.

This handbook is for people who love polar bears.it is a glimpse into biology,and behavior of the polar bear

           $14.95 US